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Custom Designs and Emroidery

Personalise items for that unique special touch

Embroidered Flowers

Custom Emroidery

Personalise a unique design

Here at Janet kids wear, we are happy to offer a custom and unique service. We can create a specific design from ideas you may have, alternatively we can work with you for a special design you already have in mind. Please contact us to talk specifics, any of our products can have embroidery sewn on them.

Hooded Jumper from Behind

Custom Printing

Personalised Initials or Imagery

Our printing service allows you to create and design your own clothing with ease, choose a item you would like, be it a hoody, a t shirt or a bag. We can then discuss the options, we can print any design or image in any colour. A long lasting and professional print that will give you that one of a kind piece. Please contact us to see previous items created with images, initials and words.


Custom Creations

We Make It Easy

Do you have a image in your head for a special outfit, this can be for any type of musical dance class, competition or musical theatre. You can choose the materials/fabrics, the style (based on something you have seen or something straight from your imagination). We will then work together to produce a one of a kind item.

Custom/Personalised Items: Services
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